An Evening Of Poetry, Spoken Word And Music Inspired By Edgar Allan Poe

The Other Perspective Media, in conjunction with The Poet’s Eye, present Poet Billy Lamont’s Medicine Show Halloween/All Saints’ Day special event, an evening of poetry and spoken word inspired by legendary poet Edgar Allan Poe, on Saturday, October 28th. Billy Lamont will be performing a brand new poem song Raven 2: Talking Back To The Raven, with musical accompaniment by Dominck “Zeke” Zaccheo, and written in response to Edgar Allan Poe’s popular poem The Raven that was first published in 1845. Steven J. Messina of Serial Poets will also be featured and performing his spoken word. This event is free and will take place at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM sharp at Milano Bean Cafe, 6 East Main Street, Bay Shore, NY 11706. Dressing in Halloween costumes is encouraged and welcome.

Poet Billy Lamont said, “Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry is dark and rhythmic and well suited for a Halloween/All Saints’ Day poetry reading. The Raven is Poe’s most popular poem, and is a narrative poem about a man being haunted and tormented by a raven concerning a lost love, Lenore. So performing my new poem Raven 2: Talking Back To The Raven, which is also a narrative poem, with musical accompaniment by Dominck “Zeke” Zaccheo, and written in response to Edgar Allan Poe’s legendary poem, for the first time for Halloween/All Saints’ Day feels like the right timing and atmosphere. My new poem acknowledges the darkness of this world, but is also filled with spiritual, emotional, and mental healing and light, and has a man talking back to the same raven from Poe’s poem, but now overcoming the raven’s spiritually demonic, evil deceptions, filled with intentions to torment and destroy the man. The man in my poem also overcomes all social harassment resulting from the distorted words, and false narratives filled with lies from the raven, as well as words intended to trigger the man with harmful inner chatter in the man’s mind. The message is love overcomes all, with positive words and action, and speaking truth, when talking back to the raven who came to steal, kill and destroy.”

This special Poet Billy Lamont Medicine show for Halloween/All Saints’ Day will also have very Special Guests, still to be announced, reading Edgar Allan Poe’s popular poems The Tell-Tale Heart, Annabel Lee, The Pit And The Pendulum, as well as his featured legendary poem The Raven.

“My event is intended to inspire spiritual wholeness, mental and emotional health, and personal and social peace. I chose the town of Bay Shore for my event not just because Bay Shore is such a beautiful village, but also because of all the fantastic social services available here. This event is part of my Poet Billy Lamont’s Medicine Show series that has the intention to inspire creation and reformation, through the power of words being expressed and thoughtful listening, so those attending and sharing a poem at the open mic whether a first time reader, or a veteran of the poetry scene, can be heard and affirmed. I have found that expressing and experiencing poetry as art, also gives birth to empathy, an understanding of knowing how another human being feels, as well as yourself, which brings compassion for others, self awareness and self love, and builds real, healthy community. As I write in one of my poems, ‘Poetry Is Therapy!’ I will be a featured performance poet at this event, as well as the host, and I am humbled and honored to co-feature the exceptional artistic talent Steven J. Messina of Serial Poets, and the great creative Dominic “Zeke” Zaccheo, inspired by my years of experiences and friendships as a professional performance poet. All of this will happen while having a fun costume party for Halloween/All Saints’ Day at the Milano Bean Cafe at it’s new location in the village of Bay Shore, NY,” Lamont concluded.

Milano Bean Cafe features delicious coffees, lattes, and bakery deserts you can enjoy while sitting on comfy chairs and sofas.

Billy Lamont is a Long Island poet who has made numerous television and radio appearances, including The Joe Franklin Show, MTV, and Much Music Television, as well as performing at Lollapalooza music festival several times. He has released three poetry books and ten albums. His latest book Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding: Poems For The Future Edition is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and his albums are available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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