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Beyond Babylon


Beyond BabylonPoet Billy LamontSacred Pop Art
Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding: Poems For The Future EditionBilly LamontPoetry that breaks down the fourth wall if performance, art, perception and culture
Into The 21st CenturyPoet Billy LamontSacred Pop Art



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Billy Lamont Books – paperbacks:


Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding: Poem For The Future Edition – 2019 – $15
American poet Billy Lamont’s latest book of poetry edition is raw, transparent, bloody, and soulful, vibrating with hope, life, and inspiration for personal, spiritual and social reform, whether it be locally, nationally, or globally in this age of artificial intelligence. May your very soul be a great poem!
Strobe Light Generation – 2005 – $20
NY poet Billy Lamont was observing the soundbite thought patterns, propaganda conditioning and more prominent attention deficit in society, with lack of critical thinking skills in everyday people, as growing problems in culture for “We The People” of America and the world, at the turn of the century, and post September 11th tragedy. Lamont saw this as a Strobe Light Generation and wrestles and responds to this illness in culture, as desiring to shed light, share wisdom, love. hope, peace, healing and life with readers of his second book of poetry.
The Gallery Of Light – 1994 – $15
Performance poet Billy Lamont’s first major book of poetry distributed by Ingram nationally in the U.S. This book was written in three sections to be read in one sitting in certain atmospheres: by candlelight, in a cafe with a hot cup of coffee, and while sitting in a historical graveyard on a lazy afternoon.

Billy Lamont Albums/Eps – cd/digital releases:


Into The 21st Century – 1998 – $10
Billy Lamont’s first cd/ep/digital release. Allen Ginsberg recites from his legendary Beat Generation poem Howl on the title track, that also features one of Lamont’s greatest influences Mike Peters of The Alarm.
billy lamont with the peculiar people – 2004 – $10
Billy Lamont’s second cd/ep/digital release that was a benefit for the emergency healthcare of the late Larry Norman, widely known as the Father of Christian Rock, and who was Lamont’s close, personal friend. Lamont’s performance poetry is combined with drum and bass/house electronic music, indie rock and reggae.
painkiller – 2006 – $15
Poet Billy Lamont combined with electronic club music, dark ambient, shoe gaze, and industrial music influences. Full length cd.
Hedge Of Thorns:  Who Will Be My Witness? – 2008 – $10
A cd/ep/digital release of Billy Lamont’s poetry with Bill Poulos’ folk music.  Lamont describes this as his JESUS record, and an invitation to become a follower of JESUS The Christ. Lamont has said he feels a kinship with the JESUS Movement of the late 60s/early 70s in that this poetry and music is shared in a personal, very intimate, pure way. He says it can be given as a gift, or handed to a friend much like a paper tract was handed out to share faith in GOD, in San Francisco parks by long hairs, during The Summer Of Love.
The Gallery Of Light – 2009 – $15
Billy Lamont’s groundbreaking and influential 40 minute performance poem with ambient, world and electronic music soundscapes by Christopher “Circuit” Kelly. When Lamont and DJ Circuit first performed this is 1997, Lamont proclaimed this as “The World’s First Spoken Word Rock Opera,” and that it is self help as the main character travels through seven lights becoming free, as opposed to legendary rock operas where main characters entropy and sometimes die due to hurts from role models and lovers. Lamont has also said it was his prayer and meditation
for the “We The People” of America, and the world, as entering the 21st century.
renegade of hope – 2009 – $7
A spoken word cd/ep/digital release. Lamont’s vision for this recording was for it to be an audio version of what many poet’s would release as a chapbook.
outlaw of love – 2010 – $7
A spoken word cd/ep/digital release. Lamont’s inspiration for this recording was for it to be his second chapbook-like audio release of his spoken word.
Beyond Babylon – 2014 – $15
Full length cd/digital release of Lamont’s performance poetry that fueled his multimedia poetry performances. This album was written based on inspiration from the psalm of David, “by the waters of Babylon, I wept for Zion” and based upon being a single Father to his son Zion, as living in his then hometown of Babylon, Long Island. The album took on new meaning when Babylon and surrounding towns were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Lamont calls this album Sacred Pop Art, and includes Special Guests industrial music pioneers Blockhouse, and folk rock recording artist Steven Delopoulos of Burlap To Cashmere. Em Kruz of upwardspiral is also a special guest with Lamont, on a bluesy hip hop track, that includes a sample of the first great American Poet Walt Whitman reciting a poem titled America as recorded by Thomas Edison.
Eulogy: Flowers For The Living – 2021 – $15
Full Length Cd/digital release of songs pulled from Lamont’s archives during the Covid epidemic isolation. From Lamont’s beginnings in alternative rock band Walk On Water, to early poetry collaborations with rock, goth, and alternative music by Bill Poulos, and an early industrial/electronic music influenced track with Klayton of Circle of Dust and Celldweller. A few new tracks were recorded in 2020 and 2021, including a new recording with Mike Peters of The Alarm, and one with the late Larry Norman, widely recognized as the Father Of Christian Rock.
Billy Lamont Other –  book compilation, cd collaboration:
Divine Intervention – Daniel Fazzina – 2014 -$15
Billy Lamont wrote one chapter titled “The Thanksgiving Miracle,” about a miracle healing he had of his pancreas as a young man, in this award winning book of “True Stories of GOD’s Miracles Today.”
The Scriptures – Love Hope Strength Foundation – 2014 – $20
Billy Lamont’s performance of his poem
I BELIEVE DREAM PEACE is included in three sections of this double cd/digital release that was awarded a Guinness World Record  as “The Longest Officially Released Recording Ever” song produced by Mike Peters of The Alarm, as a benefit for the Love Hope Strength Foundation, and those fighting cancer. The focus of this recording, that was inclusive of everyday artists, as well as major recording artists, and Lamont’s poetry performance was to be a seed of Peace for Muslims, Christians and Jews, in The Holy Land. The message of peace and empathy, of this epic song resonates extra brightly now in the dark times of terrorism and war in The Holy Land that murders and traumatizes children, woman and the innocent.
Billy Lamont’s The Poet’s Eye and The Other Perspective Media/Management logo
T-shirts/Coffee Mugs:
The Poet’s Eye t-shirt – $20
The Other Perspective t-shirt – $20
The Poet’s Eye coffee mug – $18
The Other Perspective coffee mug – $18







What people have said about Billy Lamont’s new 2020 book of poetry Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding: Poems For The Future Edition, as well as previous books, and Lamont as a recording artist:

Peter Garrett Cover Blurb for New Book Edition
“Billy Lamont’s pithy, ‘now’ poetry is true, from his heart to ours – a straight line – and a truth that’s good to read. I wish there was more like it.”

Peter Garrett is an Australian singer/songwriter for the rock band Midnight Oil. He is an environmentalist, former president of the Australian Conservation Foundation, former Australian Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts and also former Australian Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Yourh.

Daniel Berrigan Cover Blurb For New Book Edition
“Thank you for the delightful book, Billy Lamont. You are a rare bird indeed, and a dazzling one, bringing together as you do unassailable gifts and a phoenix (out of the culture’s ashes) faith. I congratulate and thank you. Blessings on your fine work!”

The late Daniel Berrigan was an American Jesuit priest, legendary peace activist, poet, and author and speaker on social justice issues.

Seydina A. Senghor Forward For Strobe Light Generation Book
“I’ve been an eyewitness of Billy Lamont’s warm-hearted dedication to durable peace in the world, international morality, global solidarity and global justice. I have seen Billy Lamont take serious risks to support many good causes including the Jubilee 2000 International Campaign, a global alliance for the end of the unjust, immoral and genocidal debt of the nations of the global South. At the Knitting Factory in 1999, in New York, Billy put together a show with Larry Norman and himself for the benefit of Jubilee USA’s first National Mobilization on Washington. Billy Lamont is a true activist. Whether he is protesting, serving or encouraging, his poetry and deeds are songs of hope, a catalyst for change that reveal a grassroots heart of caring and love for people from the streets of New York to the poor and impoverished of the world.”

Seydina A. Senghor is Co-Founder of the Jubilee 2000 USA/International Movement whose mission was to get a debt-free start for impoverished nations of the Global South, so they can have money for basic needs such as food, water, sanitation and education.

Larry Norman Cover Blurb for New Book Edition
“Young William the poet walks with grace among the literary traditions of romanticism, between yearning idealism and stark urban reality. He brings heaven closer to earth, and beckons men closer to self revelation. His poetry is both comforting and disturbing.”

The late Larry Norman is widely known as the Father of Christian Rock. He is an American singer/songwriter that was on Capitol Records with The Beatles, Co-Founder of the Vineyard Church and is a Gospel Hall Of Fame Inductee. His album, Only Visiting This Planet, was inducted into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry as the key work in the early history of Christian Rock.

What people have said about Billy Lamont’s successful first book of poems The Gallery Of Light from 1994

Mike Peters Foreward for Book
“There’s no truth like the truth you dare to let yourself see. Billy’s poetry lets you see the truth of himself, and the truth that surrounds him, which is also the truth that surrounds you. Take a look and you will find love, hate, all life in it.”

Mike Peters is a Welsh singer/songwriter for the rock band The Alarm. He is Co-Founder of Love Hope Strength Foundation, whose purpose is to raise funds and awareness in order to benefit people with cancer and leukemia. He received The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire rewarding his chivalry, contributions to the arts, and work with charitable organizations.

Dave Kendall Cover Blurb for Book
“Billy Lamont is in possession of a strange and compelling vision.”

Dave Kendall was the Host of MTV’s innovative “120 Minutes” show.

Malibu Sue Cover Blurb for Book
“Billy’s poetry is… inspirational.”

Malibu Sue was DJ for the legendary New York alternative music radio station WLIR and WDRE.

Joe Franklin Cover Blurb for Book
“In the tradition of Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Jim Carroll comes Billy Lamont… and I love it!”

The late Joe Franklin was the Host of the  Joe Franklin Show, the longest running television talk show ever.

Bob Buchmann Cover Blurb for Book
“As Billy writes, ‘Poetry is therapy!’ I thank him for his gift.”

Bob Buchmann was the Vice President/DJ for the New York classic rock radio station WBAB.

Klayton Cover Blurb for Book
“Billy’s poetry is intriguing. He is experimental, philosophical and spiritual. His message of hope cannot be ignored.”

Klayton is an American recording artist with the pioneering electronic music bands Circle Of Dust and Celldweller.



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Billy Lamont is an American poet, from NY, with an avant-garde approach to writing, music, performance art, politics and film. At the heart of his poetry is the passion to inspire hope and to be a voice for everyday people. His unique vision for poetry into the 21st century, combined with a belief in the power of words for creation, reformation and healing brought his influence from grassroots to national success in the 1990s and then international recognition in the new millennium. His work encourages dignity, upholds life and serves as a catalyst for a world of readers and listeners, both in the mainstream and on society’s fringes. He inspires many to live in a more loving way and to feel for different justice causes for the first time, to help with personal and social reform in this Global Age.


Poet Billy Lamont has performed on MTV and Much Music Television and appeared on radio stations across the United States. Lamont has also performed at many rock festivals including touring with Lollapalooza ’94, ’95, 2003 and Cornerstone Festival 2004 and 2006. Due to the success of his first book of poems The Gallery Of Light, distributed by Ingram, Lamont has given book signings at book stores such as Barnes and Noble in shopping malls across the United States. The follow up, strobe light generation fueled Lamont’s passionate and thought provoking multi-media shows that combine his performance poetry with electronic music and synchronized film. His latest poetry with Electronic/Americana Pop music CD/digital download is entitled Beyond Babylon.

Lamont’s third major volume of poetry Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding is a powerful successor to his earlier books and audio releases like billy lamont with the peculiar people and Beyond Babylon. Lamont’s entire CD/digital download catalog is distributed by The Orchard internationally.

His 1998 debut CD Into the 21st Century was a benefit for Teen Challenge, with performances by two of his greatest influences, the legendary Allen Ginsberg and musician Mike Peters of The Alarm

on the title track. In his later years, Ginsberg expressed love and support for Lamont’s poetry with permission to use an audio sample from his first recital of the Beat Generation epic poem Howl.

In 2014 Lamont collaborated again with Mike Peters, as well as many other rock stars and inclusive of everyday artists, on the recording The Scriptures to help foster peace between Muslims, Christians and Jews in The Holy Land. The Scriptures is a benefit for Love Hope Strength Foundation and those fighting cancer. Lamont’s contribution to The Scriptures earned him a Guinness World Record as part of ‘The World’s Longest Officially Released Song.’

Lamont’s career was also promoted by Larry Norman, widely known as the Father of Christian Rock. The music legend invited Lamont to open several of his shows from 1998- 2000 and to become an artist on Norman’s own Solid Rock Records. The result was an album of compositions written for release on Solid Rock, with preliminary sessions produced by Norman in 2000. However, Norman’s failing health made further sessions impossible. The album was never completed and the session tapes went missing from Norman’s archives. Lamont returned the favor of support by raising awareness and funding for Norman’s emergency healthcare with the CD/download billy lamont with the peculiar people.

During the creation of Lamont’s strobe light generation book of poetry he was also being encouraged by legendary Poet/Peace Activist, Jesuit Priest, the late Daniel Berrigan, as well as being kindly affirmed by the brilliant Peter Garrett, the front man of Midnight Oil, and the former Australian Federal Minister of Environmental Protection, Heritage, Arts and Education.

All of these experiences and influences are a huge part of Lamont’s vision for the future! In his recent poetry he encourages brothers and sisters globally to, “Imagine A Day, we need an intelligent heart, a loving mind, LOVE, intelligence of the heart will light your mind!”

Lamont’s three major book releases and eight CDs/digital downloads are available through most major distributors such as, and and can be streamed and listened to on,,,, and many other popular sites.









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