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New York rock poet, performance artist, singer, activist and songwriter Billy Lamont just dropped a new concept album/CD/digital release titled “Eulogy: Flowers For The Living” in celebration of Passover and Easter. The album contains eleven unreleased songs spanning his recording career and includes new song collaborations like “LOVE Is A Revolution” with Mike Peters of The Alarm, and “If I Were A Singer” with the late Larry Norman, widely known as The Father Of Christian Rock. This album also contains a never before released early experimental recording Lamont did with electronic/industrial music pioneers Klayton of Circle Of Dust, Celldweller and Scandroid fame, and guitarist/songwriter Bill Poulos, called “The Poet’s Eye.”

“It is meaningful to me that this album dropped in the holy timing now during Passover and for Easter. This soulful, hopeful album filled with faith and light, was born during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, and propaganda narratives assaulting people’s minds from every direction. It feels like the grace of GOD that it was released, after many delays, in the high holy day timing of Passover, the festival of first fruit offerings to GOD when darkness is rebuked, and also for the celebration of the resurrection of JESUS , with the eternal new beginnings Easter represents,” Lamont said.

“Eulogy: Flowers For The Living,” an eleven song Alternative Rock album arrives hot on the heels of the success of Billy Lamont’s latest book “Words Ripped From A Soul Still Bleeding: Poems For The Future Edition.”

“This album is similar to my latest book in that it is torn from my real life, with its warts and all imperfections and vulnerabilities, but also has a rawness, wisdom, and grace to it, like it is bleeding light. I was very close to my Nana as a child and she used to say, ‘Give me my flowers while I’m living, not when I’m dead,’ and that is where the concept of the songs and gorgeous page six page booklet got it’s inspiration ” Lamont shared.

“Eulogy: Flowers For The Living” can be purchased and digitally downloaded on iTunes and Amazon.com, or can be streamed and listened to on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora and many other popular sites.

Billy Lamont has appeared on national television and radio shows, given in-store multimedia performance book signing events at major bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble in the U.S., and toured with rock festivals such as Lollapalooza several times.

“My new album is filled with passion and is alive in spirit! It is filled with heart and the light of original thought, which Is refreshing in this era of artificial intelligence being sold to, and forced on everyday people, in an attempt to control them. My prayer is that my new album brings liberty and love to all those who will listen,” Lamont concluded,

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