FOR MEMORIAL DAY IN HONOR OF ALL THE SOLDIERS THAT HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIFE FOR US, INCLUDING THE HEROIC SOLDIERS OF LIGHT & PEACE I Released This Music Video To Youtube Today For The First Time (Previously The Talented Director/Editor Scott W. Perry Had Released It To His Vimeo Channel.) HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY! We Remember YOU & Your We The People Families. ❤ ❤ ❤

[billy lamont]

The Other Perspective Media: Poet Billy Lamont “scattered (dizzy)” song collaboration with Le Pre Noir From Lamont’s Beyond Babylon album. Video Directed & Edited By Scott W. Perry, Cinematography By Steven Mark Glazzner. “This song was written about traveling with joy through some personal suffering as a single Father to my son Zion, as living in Babylon, NY, just prior to Hurricane Sandy. I had inspiration from the scripture ‘By the waters of Babylon I wept for Zion,’ from HOLY BIBLE on my heart and mind as writing this and the album Beyond Babylon. When Hurricane Sandy devastated my hometown of Babylon, NY it became more about traveling through that pain, much like a blues song or a psalm from HOLY BIBLE does, bringing strength to my hometown and community of people that suffered loss from Hurricane Sandy in NY and NJ. I asked Director Scott W. Perry to capture that visually and he came up with this videos concept of me journeying through one day of this devastation, visuallized amazingly by Perry and Glazzner in the days that followed Hurricane Sandy. This song video feels bigger than I, and I praise GOD for the comfort I feel within it, and above all the comfort it has brought to others.,” Billy Lamont said.

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