YOU ARE INVITED 🙂 BILLY LAMONT Will Be Giving An Intimate Poetry Reading Titled – REVELATION – From NY On Facebook LIVE This Sunday, May 17th At 6-6:40pm. Facebook Link:

I Finished A New Poem That I Have Been Writing Mornings In Lloyd Harbor Beach & Many Sunsets At Northport Harbor Since May 1st. I Am Going To Be Reading This New Poem, & A Poem I Wrote in 1988, & Another In 1997, Inspired By The HOLY BIBLE Book Of Revelations.

I am VERY Inspired By Current Events & The Stoic Wisdom Of Spirituality. I Hope You Can Join Me & Be Inspired, Enlightened A Bit, & Ultimately Comforted By The Time I Am Finished Too! 🙂 I Hope You Can Join Me 🙂 <3

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Artwork Titles “Angel Of Revelations” Is By Legendary Poet William Blake Inspired By HOLY BIBLE Book Of Revelations Chapter 10.